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Class 3 are continuing their learning within the national curriculum, moving onto lower Key Stage 2.



Autumn Term -

Stone Age Boy (Book) = We will explore writing direct speech and create our own stories. 

Variety of humerous poetry (Poems) = We will explore writing poetry, using noun phrases, adverbs and prepositions for effect. 


Spring Term: 

1) The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish (Book) = We will explore recounts and have a go at creating our own swapping recount. 

2) Diary of a Killer Cat (Book) = We will continue to look at recounts and will use this story to create our own character recount. 


Summer Term: 

1) Famous Ancient Greeks (Comprehension Text) = We will use this text to explore headings and sub-headings. We will carry out research and then write our own non-chronological text about Greece. 

2) Myths and Legends (Book) = We will use this to explore Greek mythology and will explore the meanings of the myths we encounter. We will retell the myth in our own words. 



In Maths we will use Hamilton planning to explore: 

  • Place Value 3-digit and 4-digit numbers 
  • Addition and Subtraction (mentally and using partitioning and column methods) 
  • Multiplication and Division (3s, 4s and 8s). 
  • Shape
  • Fractions 
  • Time 
  • Money 
  • Data 

We will consolidate and develop our knowledge and skills in these areas throughout the academic year. Our planning returns to each area regularly, giving our learners a good opportunity to recap, consolidate and further develop their learning. 


Science: All units are taken from the Hamilton Planning and will be taught one unit each half term. Each half term, we will have the opportunity to learn new knowledge and develop our skills at fair testing and evaluation. 

Autumn Term -  Keeping Healthy Unit/Rocks and Fossils Unit

Spring Term - Forces and Magnets Unit/Plants 1 Unit. 

Summer Term - Plants 2 Unit (focusing on parts of a flower and reproduction of plants)/Light Unit.



Autumn Term - Hinduism, focusing on Diwali and Christianity, focusing on theTrinity. 

Spring Term - Christianity, focusing on creation and the Easter Story (mainly the events surrounding Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.) 

Summer Term - Hinduism, focussing on Brahman and the learning about Sikhism



Our topics take the whole term and are taken from the Hamilton planning. During this time we learn either history and geography skills and knowledge. We also embed art and design into these topics. 


History - 

Autumn Term: Stone Age to Iron Age 

Summer Term: Ancient Greece



Spring Term: Rivers, Mountains and Coasts. 


Art and Design:

Autumn Term - We will design and make Bronze Age jewellery and have a go at creating our own cave paintings. 

Spring Term - We will study Claude Monet and create our own impressionist paintings. 

Summer Term - We will explore Greek pottery and design and create our own.