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Number of individuals earning over £100k, in £10K bandings

There are no members of staff earning over £100 K


Details of the amount of time taken by staff who are union officials  to carry out their union details.

No time taken thus far

The Martock Staff team

Mrs Sarah Lafferty- Jenkins - Headteacher

Mrs Catherine Harrison - Deputy Head teacher

Mrs Yvette Lloyd - Senco and family support

Mrs Debbie Beale- ELSA and Teaching Assistant 

Class R

Miss Creek- Class R Teacher

Miss Lock, Mrs S Woodhouse, Miss L Woodhouse, , Mrs C Westcott - Teaching Assistants

Class 1

Mrs Sinclair - Class 1 Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Miss Gane - Class 1 Teacher

Mrs Lane - Class 1 Teacher

Ms  Reynolds - Teaching Assistant/ Tea time club/ ELSA

Mrs Hutchinson- Teaching Assistant 

Miss H Vincent - Teaching Assistant

Class 2

Mrs Smith - Class 2 Teacher

Mrs Cornelius- Teaching Assistant

Class 3

Mrs Sadler - Class 3 Teacher (maternity leave)

Mrs Lenza and Mrs Harrison - Class teachers

Mrs Cregan - Teaching Assistant and Forest School

Miss Beale- Teaching Assistant and ELSA

Class 4

Miss Harwood - Class 4 Teacher 

Miss H Vincent - Teaching Assistant

Mrs E Mann - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Woodhouse - Teaching Assistant

Class 5

Mrs Davis- Class 5 Teacher

Mrs Western - Teaching Assistant / Cookery/ Forest School

Miss Beale- Teaching Assistant and ELSA

Miss K Shephard - Teaching Assistant

Class 6

Mrs Coate - Class 6 Teacher

Mrs Hellier- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Grant- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Z Higgins 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Library and Gardening

Mrs Sam Leslie

Bramble the Library dog

Office team and site team

Mrs Loy and Mrs Knight- School Secretary

Mrs Carter - School Business Manager

Katie Avery - Site Cleaner

Tanya Monaghan - Site Cleaner

Thea Skeldon - Site Cleaner

Francis Tolland  - Site Manager

Lunch time team

Jane Gould- Supervisor

Katie Avery

Tracey Merchant

Shelley McGuinness

Tracy Barber

Thea Skeldon

Rebecca Tomlinson

Danielle Salway


Martock Preschool Staff.


Mrs Sue Styants  - Manager, Senco and Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Miss Gemma Doyle - Deputy Manager and Keyworker.

Miss Emma Sargent - Keyworker.

Mrs Jade Corden - Key- worker.

Mrs Heather Reed - Keyworker.

Miss Lauren Bambury - Keyworker