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The Martock Staff team

Mrs Sarah Lafferty- Jenkins - Headteacher

Mrs Catherine Harrison - Deputy Head teacher

Mrs Yvette Lloyd - Senco and family support

Mrs Debbie Beale- ELSA and Teaching Assistant 

Class R

Miss Creek- Class R Teacher

Miss Lock, Miss Llewellyn, Miss Abbott- Teaching Assistants

Class 1

Mrs Sinclair - Class 1 Teacher

Mrs Bartin - Teaching Assistant/ Tea time club/ ELSA

Mrs Hutchinson- Teaching Assistant 

Class 2

Mrs Harrison and Mrs Jones Ulla - Class 2 Teachers

Mrs Cornelius- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hutchinson - Teaching Assistant

Class 3

Mrs Sadler - Class 3 Teacher

Mrs Mann - Teaching Assistant

Miss Beale- Teaching Assistant and ELSA

Class 4

Miss Harwood - Class 4 Teacher

Mrs Cregan- Teaching Assistant and Forest School

Miss Shephard- Teaching Assistants 

Class 5

Mrs Davis- Class 5 Teacher

Mrs Western - Teaching Assistant / Cookery/ Forest School

Miss Beale- Teaching Assistant and ELSA

Mrs Higgins - 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Class 6

Mrs Coate - Class 6 Teacher

Mrs Hellier- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Grant- Teaching Assistant


Library and Gardening

Mrs Sam Leslie

Bramble the Library dog

Office team and site team

Mrs Loy and Mrs Knight- School Secretary

Mrs Carter - School Business Manager

Louise Johnson - Site Cleaner

Tanya Monaghan - Site Cleaner

Vacancy - Site Cleaner

Paul Cregan - Site Manager

Lunch time team

Jane Gould- Supervisor

Hannah Vincent

Katie Avery

Tracey Merchant

Margaret Quinn

Louise Johnson

Leilah Olerenshaw

Shelley McGuinness

Tracy Barber


Martock Preschool Staff.


Mrs Sue Styants  - Manager, Senco and Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Miss Emma Sargent - Keyworker.

Mrs Jade Corden - Key- worker.

Miss Gemma Doyle - Keyworker.

Mrs Heather Reed - Keyworker.

Miss Lauren Bambury - Keyworker

Mrs Georgina Cleworth - Apprentice and Keyworker.





Number of individuals earning over £100k, in £10K bandings

There are no members of staff earning over £100 K


Details of the amount of time taken by staff who are union officials  to carry out their union details.

No time taken thus far